The Pebble Flow Is a 100% Electric RV Designed to Remain Off-Grid for a Week

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The Pebble Flow Is a 100% Electric RV Designed to Remain Off-Grid for a Week

“So many people will never embark on an RV trip simply because they are intimidated by how to do it,” notes Stefan Solyom, Pebble CTO, a new electric recreational vehicle venture developed by a roster of former Apple, Tesla, Volvo, and Lucid employees. Despite those hurdles, countless vacationers set out onto the road during the pandemic to vacation in trailers and RVs. The trend in turn sparked the development of a new generation of tech-laden recreational vehicles, both large and small, each more Tesla in nature than the clunky Winnebagos you might remember parked in our grandparent’s driveway.

Black SUV with a white Pebble Flow RV trailer behind it parked in a grassy known within a mountain forest setting with blue skies and a few clouds overhead.

With a large 45 kWh LFP battery, the Pebble Flow is designed to operate without the need for recharging for spans up to a week (using the integrated 1kW solar panels system), and can also be plugged in for AC/DC charging at public charging stations or at home, with regenerative charging adding to capacity while en route to your next destination.

The 100% electric Pebble Flow rolls in representing the more lavish end of the trailer lifestyle, and certainly delivers several magnitudes more comforts than traditional car camping. With a starting price of $109,000 and stretching 25′ long, 7’6″ wide, and surprisingly tall at 8’8″ in height, the Flow measures well against the comparably modern and more aerodynamic Lightship L1’s 27′ long, 8’6″ wide and 7’6″ tall dimensions. For additional comparison against the standard bearer of trailer design, the Flow’s price lands in the same ballpark as an Airstream Flying Cloud.

Detached white Pebble Flow RV trailer parked in front of large contemporary home with glass paned style garage door. Sunset skies loom in the background.

One perk of owning a Pebble Flow – and many future EVs – is the option to tap into V2H (vehicle to home) charging, turning the trailer into one sizable backup battery when parked at home.

Like the aforementioned Lightship L1, Pebble Flow’s designers recognize hauling a battery-laden trailer is a literally heavy task, and have thus outfitted the Flow with a dual-motor Active Propulsion Assist System to mitigate range anxiety.

The Flow’s designers also identified hitching a tow vehicle to a trailer can be a daunting task for the uninitiated, so they engineered the trailer to handle the task itself through an array of sensors, automatically aligning trailer to tow vehicle.

Woman with long black hair and in green turtleneck sweater dicing vegetables on a cutting board inside the galley kitchen of the Pebble Flow RV trailer.

Campsite meals are made considerably easier to prepare using the Flow’s fully stocked kitchen that includes a removable induction cooktop, a 4-in-1 convection microwave, and a full-size fridge. There’s even a flip-up service window in times when al fresco is the way to go.

Woman and daughter seated at the back of the Pebble Flow RV trailer's dining and seating area, working on color books while both smiling.

The Pebble Flow’s Murphy bed retracts into a desk to transition from relaxation to work mode in seconds.

Man in gray sweater and beanie seated at a narrow floating desk working from his laptop inside the Pebble Flow RV.

Wraparound windows give occupants an immersive view of their surroundings, while also inviting ample natural light to emphasize the spaciousness within.

Pebble CEO and founder Bingrui Yang’s 9-year tenure at Apple leading iPhone development is reflected in Pebble’s lofty goal of making a large recreational vehicle as intuitive to use as that centerpiece of many modern lives. The Pebble app is thus the centerpiece of the vehicle’s design, controlling lights, door locks, temperature control systems, and vehicle monitoring. “We are automating the hardest parts of the RV experience with the same technologies that power the most advanced automotive innovations,” says Yang, “If you know how to use an iPhone, you’ll be comfortable using our product.”

White Pebble Flow RV trailer unhitched and parked near a pond overlooked by large looming forest covered mountains.

The Pebble Flow’s Remote Control mode allows owners to maneuver and park the trailer from outside the vehicle once unhitched, simplifying the oftentimes nerve-racking task for RV newbies, both while out adventuring or upon returning home.

Those interested in glamping in comfort and pre-ordering the Pebble Flow can learn more at And if by chance you’re planning to attend this year’s LA Auto Show going on now, you can see the Pebble Flow firsthand at its debut through November 26th.

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