HP Envy Move Has a Handle on Desktop Computer Portability

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HP Envy Move Has a Handle on Desktop Computer Portability

What do you think of when you read “portable desktop PC?” Maybe a powerful gaming laptop delivering desktop tier performance, or perhaps an all-in-one desktop that can be moved when needed, but is mostly intended to stay put. The HP Envy Move is something entirely different, neither a laptop nor a dedicated all-in-one desktop like the Apple iMac – a genuine portable desktop PC designed to be moved from desk to anywhere else in the home with the handled ease of a suitcase completely untethered from a power cord.

angled view of modern HP PC computer with keyboard and menu on screen

Announced earlier this month during the company’s press event, HP’s Envy Move All-In-One PC features a modern, if quietly unassuming design, that gives off strong dedicated 24″ monitor vibes. It is in fact a 5K QHD (2560×1400) LCD touch-sensitive display, with a built-in Bang & Olufsen engineered speaker running the length of the bottom of the screen.

Rear angled view of the 24" HP Envy Move computer emphasizing showing its integrated handle grip at its top. Visible also are the computer's kickstand feet and keyboard pouch stretching across its entire lower section. Wireless keyboard can be seen set in front of the screen.

An elegant touch is the use of the same fabric material used to cover the computer’s acoustic Bang & Olufsen speaker front and its integrated keyboard storage pocket pouch, essentially wrapping around the device’s lower front and back sections.

Side view of the 24" HP Envy Move computer emphasizing its slim portable profile and the inclusion of a handle grip at its top. Visible also are the computer's kickstand feet and keyboard pouch to its lower right.

Turning the corner you’ll notice the Envy Move’s prominent handle and kangaroo-style keyboard pouch, and it becomes more obvious this machine is designed with portability in mind. Weighing a smidge over 9-lbs, comparable to a large laptop, and like those machines it is engineered to operate under its own power using a cache of built-in batteries capable of delivering up to 4 hours per charge.

One keen feature is the integrated self-deploying kickstand feet; upon placing the computer onto a surface, the weight depresses two small protractions enacting each of the PC’s feet stands to swing outward to create a stable stand, a clever design when moving a portable, but still large 24″ screen.

Mother with daughter using HP Envy Move computer from the ground. Mother is seated with daughter laying on her stomach on the ground using/viewing the computer. The pair are in a room that appears both indoors and partially outdoors set up for yoga, with floor pillows, rug and yoga mat.

The Envy Move’s specs – up to 13th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, 6-16 GB of memory, and up to 1 TB of storage – categorize this machine as a family computer. To further make its case as a multi-functional PC for everyone, HP showcases the portable desktop’s range, from bringing it into a room to do yoga, for children’s homework, or serving as a portable home theater solution.

Young woman in black workout clothing on the ground in seated yoga pose on a yoga mat looking at HP Envy Move computer in a living room setting with sofa and houseplants in the background. Back of computer includes a handle and HP logo.

A 5MP camera with an integrated AI image signal processor can determine when anyone is seated in front of it, with an ambient light sensor set to dim or boost brightness optimizing battery life. And perhaps most interesting, HP has included an adaptive sound system that kicks in to complement viewing distance, pushing back the sweet spot a few feet when a person is seated further away to watch, versus listening from a closer distance while working.

Woman in side plank pose with HP Envy Move PC in front of her following instructions on the screen.

The HP Envy Move’s form factor optimized for sharing amongst family family members or roommates with the ease of a laptop or even a tablet is a novel approach to address the evolution of how and where we use computers. It’s unfortunate for many households that this portable device didn’t arrive earlier when many needed this degree of flexibility paired with desktop power.

The Envy Move is available now on for a starting price of $899.99.

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