Take 5: Knotted Fine Jewelry, LEGO Concept We Need + More

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Take 5: Knotted Fine Jewelry, LEGO Concept We Need + More

vintage table lamps

green lounge chair in living room

1. @thehohaus on Instagram

I love following a home renovation and @thehohaus has been one that always stops me mid-scroll. The homeowner, @martine, has a really dialed-in vision of what she likes and how she wants her home to feel (to occupants and visitors alike). I love seeing her unpackage her treasured vintage finds or, most recently, her custom-designed rug being brought to life. She currently splits her time between Melbourne and Manila so both homes have been slowly coming together. I can’t wait to see a full reveal when the time comes!

LEGO x Eames concept rendering

2. LEGO X Eames Concept

Charles Eames once said “Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are precursors to serious ideas.” Thus, it wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea to see this concept by @vjeko_design (formerly @wrenchbone) come to life one day: LEGO x Eames. We can only hope!

iridescent chair

Photo by @ruy_teixeira

iridescent table

Photo by @ruy_teixeira

iridescent dining table

Photo by @ruy_teixeira

iridescent floor lamps

Photo by @ruy_teixeira

3. The Bright Side of Design Exhibition at Milan

I was extra attached to my phone this week because all the exciting news coming out of Milan. The one that I can’t stop thinking about is the showroom by Objects of Common Interest at Nilufar Depot for Nilufar Gallery, curated by Studio Vedèt. The exhibit highlights the unique visual phenomena of iridescence and features several objects that convey the effect. Depending on where you stand, the time of day, and the angle you’re viewing from, the objects, which range from tables to floor lamps, constantly changes ever so slightly. It’s a very personal experience known only to the viewer, which makes the exhibition so captivating.

4. Gather by Ugmonk

I’ve been watching Jeff Sheldon of Ugmonk share the behind-the-scenes of his Gather collection coming to life, from being funded on Kickstarter to the manufacturing process, and am so impressed by the quality and attention to detail of this product. Every piece is made in Pennsylvania by local craftsman and the materials used – wood, felt, and steel – create a very Scandi-modern vibe for your desk space. The pieces click together with strong magnets and give a dedicated home for all the items involved in your daily workday. Preorders are currently open, and while the entire set will cost you $780, I see it as an investment to make in the name of productivity, which can be priceless for those really long days chained to the desk.

Windy Chien and Cast jewelry woman working in studio

view down onto a work table with two sets of hands making jewelry

view down onto a work table with two sets of hands making jewelry

5. Windy Chien x Cast Jewelry Collection

You heard it here first: one of my favorite artists Windy Chien is collaborating with Cast on a jewelry collection! The collection officially launches May 23rd so mark your calendars. Windy, who’s known for her mastery of knot work, translates her art into fine jewelry. There are eight pieces total, including earrings, rings, and pendants, and I already have my eye on a very Cartier-esque gold knot ring…

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