3form’s Ivory Flora Collection Launches a Fresh Take on Biophilia

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3form’s Ivory Flora Collection Launches a Fresh Take on Biophilia

Biophilic design has been trending upwards in the design industry and shows no signs of slowing down. Award-winning materials innovator 3form is releasing a different take on the movement with the new Ivory Flora Collection – a neutral, all-white palette of botanicals that celebrates materials found in nature. Challenging the greens and browns that we typically see when it comes to biophilia, the series offers up a fresh perspective on what organics can bring to a built environment, from calming to dramatic.

three examples of biophilia patterns on a frosted white substrate material

“We’ve shifted the idea of biophilia as a color additive and focused on the texture, detail, and scale these organics offer, and the result is a surface that draws you into a stunning display of materiality,” said 3form’s Chief Creative Officer, Ryan Smith.

From delicate Star Flower to robust Anahaw Palm and the feathery Mountain Fern, 3form’s design experts want to showcase organic materials with a crisp white twist. The three scaled patterns of Ivory Flora make the collection versatile enough to cover an array of spaces, leveraging their individual sizes to create a variety of aesthetic moods.

styled setup with cafe table, white chair, and biophilia frosted white substrate material space dividers

The smallest pattern, Star Flower is a delicate, whimsical flora that’s dainty in scale and perfect for use in healthcare and wellness spaces that are looking for subtle design with intricate details. Mountain Fern is fluid in design, with seemingly no end or beginning to its overlapping soft, elegant pattern. Anahaw Palm, the largest of the patterns, is reminiscent of the shade provided by fronds on a white sandy beach, exuding neutrality and deep visual texture that will add a sense of luxury to any space.

styled setup with sofa, accessories, and biophilia frosted white substrate material space dividers

To develop the collection, 3form’s designers pressed dried botanicals into the brand’s flagship Varia product before meticulously testing the flora’s interactions with natural light. The dichotomy of crisp cleanliness and warmth comes alive when the patterns are exposed to natural light, creating a depth and texture sought after in biophilic design and beyond. The Ivory Flora Collection in Varia is available in 48″ x 96″ and 48″ x 120″ panels and in gauges ranging from ¼” to 1″ with a four-week lead time.

Whether you choose to leverage 3form’s color system to create a unique look with Ivory Flora, or as a modern neutral statement, the three patterns encapsulate the details of nature in a durable design material that’s sure to last.

three examples of biophilia patterns on a frosted white substrate material

3form’s new Ivory Flora Collection is available in the Varia material platform. Varia has certifications in Optimized EPD (SCS), Greenguard Gold (UL), Type III EPD (SCS), and a Red List Free Declare Label (ILFI). This pursuit of certifications and higher product standards is one example of the company’s comprehensive sustainability program – Align – in action. Launched in March 2020, Align represents 3form’s commitment to empowering architects, designers, and consumers to make smart choices about how they buy and build. The latest collection continues to stay true to the brand’s belief system.

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