We are experts in conceiving and building infographic-type films using any number of techniques to relay the information in an appropriate and visually interesting form. The term infographic covers a wide variety of forms but usually it combines a number of key messages and statistical data and relays this information in as concise and entertaining way. Normally an infographic film lasts between one and three minutes. Longer films are possible but it becomes clear that the message can become diluted and even a bit tedious if too much is asked of the viewer. The film may have a voice-over to lead the narrative, or one can use typography to lead. The infographic message comes in many forms. It might be used to explain to a large workforce what is happening at board levels; it might be a new campaign a company or charity is pursuing or it might be a new product or service on offer or it might be used as an opening film at a conference. Infographic messages have become more popular recently because they can be easily transmitted on websites, sent in emails, hosted on Youtube or Vimeo or as any part of a viral campaign. When viewing some of the infographic films below please be patient because of largish file sizes.

Action Medical Research

St John Ambulance

Beef Jerky

Army Family Federation

InterpreterNow service

Orthopaedic Research UK promo

Macmillan: Changing Face of Cancer

IPPR March of the Makers

General Electric

Advertising Association


Introducing FSD Africa

What we can do:

We produce infographics from one of a number of methods. We have a team of in-house animators who can obviously provide a characterised and quirky animated message. Being also motion designers with a long track record in broadcast television we can use kinetic typography, visual effects and motion graphics to collage a message into a unique format suiting client and end user. We also work with a number of extremely creative directors of photography, camera-persons and editors so we can combine your infographic with live-action elements and interviews.