Below you can see a multitude of styles and approaches to making original maps for television & promotional work.

We can piece together satellite imagery and zoom down into specific locations or even buildings. We can create hi-tech renditions of maps which might appear on head up displays or futuristic holographic panels. Alternatively we can show relief if the topography is important or the map might appear in a more loosely illustrated form. Whatever the subject matter, just give us a call and we can find something we have made earlier to start us off or we will take great pleasure in invented something quite new.

Click on any of the maps below to see a larger version.

Short depth of field with target animation - C4 News

Hi-tech map showing incidents throughout UK - Dispatches

Sandy textured map for 'This World' doc on Algerian hijacking

Reconstructed drone footage of escape

Map of SE Asia showing physical features and highlighted with coloured overlays

CGI map highlighting altitudes of terrain - C4 Dispatches

Graphic map of London with rising 3D boroughs - Panorama

Maps used to highlight differing stages of a race - Dakar Rally

Zooming from wide UK map into specific locations using a targeting overlay - Black Market Britain

Simulated drone footage - C4 News

Hi-tech, futuristic map display

Simulated radar footage reconstruction last communication from flight MH17 - Panorama

Map showing Taliban areas of influence - Panorama

Graphic treatment of map hinting at dark themes of ethnic attacks

Highlighting incidents on satellite imagery - Dispatches

Zooming into border showing attack tunnels - Panorama

Simulated light patterns form major cities

Map showing train route - Discovery - Spanish Rail Crash

illustrated map for corporate animated film

Map showing route overlaid over VT - Panorama

Parchment styled map showing Viking raids for BBC4

Historical map showing Entente - Cousins at War - BBC